Sometimes I’m tardy to the party. Cell phones. Tights. Instagram. I’m typically not on the cutting edge of trends. Hand me a comfy button-up cardigan, my old Fugees CD, and some toe socks and I’m a happy little duck. So it should come as no surprise that I’ve leapt aboard yet another bandwagon as it was fleeing town: Pinterest. When I first saw Pinterest, I refused to sign up because they forced me to either open a Twitter account (heck no), or update my Facebook account to the new style with the big long image at the top. And although I’ve lived on 3 continents in the last 1.5 years—which means I should be kinda used to change–for some reason I just couldn’t bear to update that Facebook account to the new design. Go figure. So when all of our FB accounts were automatically changed, I reckoned I couldn’t resist Pinterest much longer. And after my first two weeks of surfing Pinterest like an idiot, I truly don’t know why I ever waited. World, Erika has a little bit of a big fixation. And you know what that means: a different Pinterest all day every day. I’m not the type of person to gush about something and not actually do it, so this website has single handedly kept me engaged every single spare second of my already active life. I’m still a bit of a newbie to the whole thing—I was saving links to projects in my Firefox bookmarks, without realizing that I could “pin” it to my wall….which is the whole reason for the existence of the site. I’ve spent the vast majority of my time in the DIY/Crafts and gardening sections.  Duh. And although perhaps the overwhelming majority of pins are for projects requiring a sewing machine or simply too much effort and money, I have found some gems.  And here they are.

Two-tone braided scarf –I did this one without a sewing machine in approximately 8.5 minutes—Stitch Witchery is a miracle!

Pesto like an Italian nonna–I don’t often splurge on cheese. To be frank, I just don’t like most of it. But this recipe had even me sneaking late night snacks. Just don’t even think about kissing anyone within about 5 hours of scarfing this bad boy down. Actually, make that  5 days. I think my breath still smells funky.

The 10-hour Rag Rug –I think most crafty people end up with an excess of some type of ugly fabric. For me, it was 3 yards of a stiff pea green taffeta. Ugh. I know. Why does that exist. But combined with a pale blue cotton (covered in palm trees, I might add), they have together made themselves into a beautiful rug. And considering my rug woes when I first moved to San Diego, I am overjoyed to both use up TWO fugly fabrics, and make a low-cost cute rug for my tootsies. Crafter be warned: This sucker took SO MUCH TIME. But worth it.

Pretzel Kiss Smooshies— (My own name for them) These are such an easy but delicious party treat. I have managed to extend my birthday celebrations at least another 2 weeks, and I fully intend on stuffing my face full of these guys during my upcoming party.

Seashell crafts –If you’re a girl and you’ve been to the beach, you probably have a bagful of shells lying around somewhere. I know I’m not the only crap hoarder out there. This site gave me a multitude of ideas to finally use up those danged shells, which were many years old and still sitting in the same ragged sandwich bag in which they were originally collected.

Braided Apple Bread–I haven’t made this one yet, but I absolutely will. I can’t comment on how well it works, but it appears to be sheer kitchen genius. It is the perfect party potluck food, and when I run around my next party gloating about what I made–I will absolutely not tell anyone how easy it was. I imagine it to go perfectly with a big old slop of Nutella and vanilla ice cream. Yum.

And on that note, I’m off to finish more Pinterest projects from my ever-growing list. I’m thinking that the apple braid with nutella and ice cream needs to be taken care of ASAP.